Lead Your Team

Without Overworking Overwhelm Uncertainty Indecision Micromanaging

Hi, I'm Jen.

I can help you build a team culture that makes your business thrive.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Silhouette of African-American woman inside of a speech bubble

"My team waits to be told what to do and isn't taking initiative."

Silhouette of older man inside of a speech bubble

"I'm a little burnt out and struggle with the day-to day."

Silhouette of a bald white man with beard inside of a speech bubble

"...I'm putting out fires and don't have time to get s#it done."

Silhouette of white woman inside of a speech bubble

"I'm solving for my team and THAT's become the problem."

"If I'm honest, leading my team shouldn’t be *this* tricky."

Step into my office, it’s time we met

I’m a life coach on a mission to help humans thrive through better leadership and team culture without overwhelm, avoidance and inadequate planning. I’m also a tennis player, rom-com reader and a dancing machine.

I BELIEVE (and know from first hand experience) when you evolve your leadership, life will be easier, leading will be fun again and growth will follow.

Real Talk

Wrangling a team that's
lost its groove...

...is like herding cats on roller skates.

Chaotic, unpredictable, and just a tad ridiculous.

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It’s time you do less and lead more.