I’m Kind of a Big Deal

I find stories captivating, they convey powerful messages in such interesting and inspiring ways. That is why I am excited to share “I’m Kind of a Big Deal Client Stories”. They highlight Moxy client’s and share how coaching contributed to their success.

The inspiration for these stories came from a Mother’s Day gift my son, Auggie, gave me when he was nine. It was an ego-boost-of-a-sign that read, “I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL”. I first saw the sign and was honestly a little embarrassed to put it out on a shelf! And then I thought “what would it say to my little boy if I hid this sign?”. On the shelf it went.

Years later during a photo shoot at my office, I jokingly posed with the sign. When I saw the picture, this idea came to me. I’m big on celebrating wins. Huge, actually! What better way than to share why Moxy clients are KIND OF A BIG DEAL!


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