Reef is Kind of a Big Deal

Hey friends,

I am excited for you to meet one of my favorite people, Reef. 

He’s a stitch. Crazy funny. 

And he’s brave. Really brave.

He runs realllly long runs – yep, an ultramarathoner and a professional musician. He’s been a pastor, an Uber driver and now enjoys working as a successful coach!

I think you will enjoy his story. 

I’m David Riefenberg, Reef for short. Yep, Reef. 

I love helping small business owners connect to their purpose and experience major personal transformation. I do this everyday. My business is Reef Coaching.

I want to tell you something that is shocking to me. For a big chunk of my life I called myself a pastor. And now I am a coach. And five years ago I didn’t know what coaching even was. Let me tell you how it all happened. 


I was 34.  Working in ministry. I got this wild idea about starting an inner-city church.  (We call this church planting in the biz…hold on to this word. We will come back to it later.) I was drawn to kids whose lives were messed-up. I wanted to bring hope and a sense of community to those kids.

Then we got a grant to pursue our dream!

The first few years were wonderful. This was a place for kids who would never go to a church. We were making a difference. After three years the grant funding ended.

The work was difficult and heartbreaking. 

We were ten years in and it was hard to sustain financially and emotionally. The struggle was real and this was it. I started to feel like I was failing. “But we MUST be in the right place. Who am I to argue with God?” I was sure this is what I was called to do but it WASN’T working. And it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying. I felt like I should keep going and…Stick. It. Out. 

After pouring my soul into this dream for 18 years I made the unimaginable decision to close the doors. 

Here I was in my mid-50’s and about to reboot my life. 


While my church was still running, I was asked to help coach new church planters. (I told you we’d come back to this term!) It didn’t seem like a good idea to take on this responsibility. 

“My church hasn’t grown. What did I have to offer?”  And I was feeling burnout. Yet something about it piqued my interest. And several close friends encouraged me to say yes. I did. 

I attended the training and met Jen. Little did I know then – this would be a major turning point in my life. 

I was surprised. I really liked this coaching stuff! And I was good at it. Eventually, I became a mentor-coach for this program. But before I could advance in that role, Jen addressed something with me. 

It was difficult to hear and I am sure it was difficult for her to bring up. (Yep, it was.) Jen pointed out that I was being self-deprecating. And beating myself up here and there. I immediately thought….“daaannng, she is right”. I realized at that moment this was a major insecurity. 

Jen’s message was: “I think you’re better than this.” She saw my blind spot before I could acknowledge it. You see, she knew that being a mentor coach would require a higher level of integrity in how I role-modeled coaching and simply how I showed up in life. 

This was the start of a transformative journey for me.Ididn’t realize I had so many choices. The kind that let us decide who we want to be.

Jen and I had a significant conversation about what coaching professionally could look like for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about what was possible…things that a few years earlier seemed impossible.

Several months later she invited me to her online class where I would get advanced coach training and learn the nuts and bolts of starting a coaching business. I enrolled. 


My life has changed dramatically. 

It is the first time in my life I feel really successful in my work. Coaching has brought a feeling of lightness to my life. I wake up inspired each day and ask myself, ‘what do I get to create today?’ 

Jen had me write out a 10-year vision and one of my “big hairy goals” was to make six figures. (gulp!) 

Three years in –not ten-I hit that goal! 

The way this all unfolded is totally different than I would have expected. 

Jen is masterful at sharing hard truths with compassion. She is relentless as a coach and pulls the best out of people. Early in my start as a coach, she encouraged me to “go out and get a new client”. I didn’t feel ready. 

It was powerful. I was able to do it! I keep signing new clients and I am serving them better than ever.  

I highly recommend Moxy Coaching to other entrepreneurs. I 100% attribute the first two years of my business growth to coaching with Jen. 

In some ways, you could say that closing the church was a failure. It seemed like the biggest heartbreak at the time. But it turned out to be a doorway to a completely new and amazing life. I now serve the world in an even greater capacity. From a great loss in my life came a sentiment I want you to know.

“It’s never the end of the road! We all have unknown potential to do great things.” 

Let that inspiration sink in! 


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