Tad is Kind of a Big Deal


2007 was a pivotal year due to the real estate crash. My business partner and I struggled with our new start-up, Avalon Alliance Property Management. Like all entrepreneurs, we wore many hats as property managers and real estate brokers. We juggled all aspects of the business. We managed to generate $90K that year. Unexpectedly, my business partner quit and gave up on his part of the dream. A chance encounter with a business acquaintance, Jen Bertsch, changed my outlook almost immediately.


Running into Jen, owner of Moxy Coaching, while meeting with my mentee over the best burritos in town, was one of the best coincidental encounters I could ever have! I needed confident, steady and professional guidance, if my business was going to survive. I met with Moxy Coaching the following week to talk about my future, real estate and entrepreneurship. Little did I know, we would be meeting regularly for 10+ years.

I selected Moxy Coaching because of Jen’s great reputation as an individual and coach, her industry knowledge, and her defining characteristics of patience, kindness, and firm guidance. Being coached by Jen has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has led to business growth and self-discovery, resulting in a better, happier, and more efficient version of myself.


What is life like after Moxy Coaching? Tasks are more manageable and easier to complete. My business has seen a substantial increase of profits, year after year, with a revenue of $900K in 2017!

The book, “Good to Great,” talks about the need to put your head down and move forward. Eventually the sky opens wide and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I will engage in coaching throughout my life for growth and to achieve goals.

After 14 years, my business is thriving. What’s my secret? My secret is a mix of passion, drive, hard work, and most importantly, the ability to be 100% candidly honest with myself. This is a life-long, “big deal” kind of a lesson I learned with the help of my coach. Thanks for getting me to where I wanted to be, Jen.


Read on to learn the inspiration behind “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”!


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