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Jen Bertsch’s one-of-a-kind teaching style blends the support of a best friend with the determination of a sergeant major, guiding your team just beyond their comfort zones to acheive new milestones.

Jen provides your team with unwavering support, offering proven techniques and constructive feedback to design a personalized plan. Together with Jen, your team will break free from limiting beliefs, bad habits, and apathy, unleashing their potential.

Jen Bertsch, Leadership Development Coach, LeadWell Academy, Standing in front of a white board teaching

What are your team goals?

"We brought Jen to Ohio to train and coach our team after loving our experience in her LeadWell program. Having her come was the best thing we did! We’ve replaced our ineffective “trickle down” leadership with a leader-as-coach model that empowers our team to problem-solve and act more independently. And business has increased 41% over last year. Jen is real, relatable and a passionate speaker who really has the best interest of our organization at heart. She doesn’t just deliver. She over-delivers."
Client Nick (and wife), “She doesn’t just deliver. She over-delivers.” about Jen’s presentations on leadership.
Dr. Nick F.
Entrepreneur, health and wellness industry

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Elevate your team’s potential with Jen’s expertise in leadership and team development. By leveraging her acclaimed LeadWell  principles, you’ll tackle challenges using innovative problem-solving and management methods that foster unwavering team engagement and loyalty.

Discover the power of transparency and vulnerability in team coaching. Get ready for an awesome group experience for your team. Contact Jen today to bring your team to the next level.

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