Get a Strategy to Develop Modern Leadership Skills!

Hey leader, ...the days of "command and control" leadership are over. (thank goodness!)

It’s time to evolve your leadership skills and become the leader your team wants and business needs. Modern leaders know how to develop their teams so they can sustainably scale without burnout, bottlenecks and blindspots.

Exclusive Leadership Workshop with Jen Bertsch

Exclusive Leadership Workshop
from Jen Bertsch

Get Access For just $37 to these exclusive workshops led by Jen Bertsch where you'll learn

Confidently lead your team to a financial increase of 20%, 50%, 100% or more.

Jen Bertsch standing at white board with notes on Leading as CEO, pointing to workshop participant




This exclusive workshop will give you 3-months access to actionable training, relatable stories, tell-all Q & A sessions and so much more. Today’s teams seek leaders who empower them, help them grow, and show appreciation. 

Learn key changes to evolve your communication skills.

Break free from the golden handcuffs of burnout.

Watch the video workshops on your time and at your own pace

Come prepared! You're going to want to take notes.

Meet your mentor, Jen Bertsch!

Meet your mentor,
Jen Bertsch!

Hi, I’m Jen!

For more than fourteen years I’ve worked with businesses to increase team productivity through better leadership.

I launched Moxy Coaching in 2007 helping entrepreneurs get profitable and “get a life”.

In 2008, I was selected to be a consultant with The Greenstone Group and supported established businesses to implement strategic growth.

In 2010, at the College of St. Scholastica, one failed experiment lead to a five year stint of teaching coaching skills to Nurse Practitioner Graduate students to improve patient engagement.

In 2012, I led a three-year volunteer initiative to train 100 senior leaders across the world how to implement coaching when developing other leaders.

These experiences were the catalyst for developing and launching the wildly successful LeadWell executive coaching program in 2015. Today, I lead a talented team on a mission: to make the world a better place, one happy leader at a time.


Workshop #1: Why Good Leaders Don’t See Great Results You'll learn the biggest shifts that are impacting financial results for leaders in business right now:

Workshop #2: Establish YOUR ROI of Modern Leadership Habits In this actionable workshop, create your own modern leadership vision and determine the ROI of building that vision for you and your organization!

Bonus Workshop #3: Stop Bossing and Start Developing: The Mindset Shift that Yielded a 6-Figure Return on this Program​ Does leadership development really help? Get ready to be blown away by the 6-Figure ROI of this program for this small biz. Wise business owners are investing in development for their team leaders and seeing big results.

Bonus Workshop with Special Guests: The Financial Impact of Good Ol’ Fashioned Appreciation Hear how two seasoned corporate leaders improved their appreciation approach to impact employee engagement and how financial performance followed suit.


Modern, Effective Leaders Hire Easier and Retain Employees

There is a revolution happening in the workplace. New leadership methods are required, as we head into a new era where connection and empathy replace command and control.

Will your leadership evolve?

EXPAND Your Mindset

Are your old habits holding you and your team back? Leading with a growth mindset is the secret ingredient to a thriving team.


“What got here, won’t get you there!” Learning how to empower your team well and get back the time you need to lead well.

Eliminate Burnout

Work harder? Nope. Burnout is like a dirty band-aid that causes infection. Working less leads to greater business success and more.

Improve Employee Engagement

The cold truth is that the leadership tactics that have been taught for decades aren’t effective anymore. The Great Resignation has exposed the need for better and relevant leadership. Learn how to evolve your communication skills and increase employee engagement.

From Fire-Fighting to Fire Prevention

Imagine what would happen to your organization and personal life if the hours you spent fire-fighting were spent on strategic planning? Find more energy and use your resources better. Imagine a team that finds their own solutions to problems. We answer these questions in the workshops!

The Result? Improved Financial Performance.

Is leadership development is a worthy investment? We’ll show you several examples where it sure is! Including Steve’s 6-figure ROI on our program! You’ll come away with tactics to implement within your own team that will impact financial performance.

Your Personal “aha” Moments

Real talk: As you watch the workshops your note-taking will be on overdrive, jotting down nuggets and practical communication tips the whole time! Make sure you have enough pages in your notebook for all the ideas you’ll want to implement in your organization. Grab your favorite colorful markers too as you listen to these inspiring stories. 

The Mindset of 6-Figure ROI from this Program

If you want a team that delivers great service AND amazing financial results, you need to start thinking like our guest leaders, today! They share tools, affirmations, and powerful reframes you’ll need to see your skills in a new light. Be ready for those lightbulb moments!

The Great Resignation is upon us!

Businesses are discovering gaps in their company culture.

Leaders are struggling. Burnout has become standard. Employees are unhappy.

The time for change is now! The future of your company is dependent upon your team’s productivity and that is a direct reflection of workplace satisfaction.

The demands of today’s workforce have changed. Will you?

I invite you to re-imagine the foundation for your organization and ensure you are creating a culture that fosters healthy, productive habits that will drive a strong financial performance, sustainably.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our clients saw amazing results…

  • Increases in team productivity
  • Five point jumps in employee engagement
  • Growth in revenue from 20% to 400%


While everyone else was freaking out, our clients were steadily developing and thriving.

Because they had steady and practical framework of development and adaptability in place.  Their team easily pivoted with the crisis and worked together to stay successful.

I want that enduring success for you.

"I was doing my best to learn on my own, but never had somebody coaching me or experienced this type of interactive practice. Be prepared to play full out because the growth is absolutely amazing. Improving my leadership habits resulted in growing my income by 90%!"
LeadWell Alum Shayna
Shayna F.
"This worked wonders. It accelerated my learning. I grew my small company by 400% over the 4 years I’ve been in LeadWell; the support there made it possible to survive that growth and put a method to our management."
Dietrich W.
Chief Visionary & Coach
Health Services
"The skills I’ve learned helped boost employee engagement from 83% to 88% and grow our assets from $45 million to $65 million in two years. We think we should just be good at leadership…but if we don't have the right mindset, nothing will change. In a time of unrelenting, wild changes, it’s smart to get support to help us adapt and lead ourselves and others to greater success."
Nicholas M.
Finance Industry
"I realized slow and steady was the way to achieve the bigger goal. 100% of ACE’s success is attributable to LeadWell. ACE is twice our original company’s size. And $98,000 of revenue and company savings was a direct return on our investment of LeadWell, 10X return."
Steve Hamlin
Steve H.
Executive Director
A.C.E., Service Provider
"I no longer dread the difficult conversation, and I am able to coach my team out of their habits that are holding them back. With the knowledge and techniques I’ve gained from LeadWell, I’ve created a more productive team, personally and professionally, by focusing them on what really matters, and raising awareness about important facets of their life that affect their work."
Wendy O.
Senior VP, Strategics

Why you? Why now?

Because you’re here, you probably know that something needs to change. At work and likely in your life too. 

You’ve tried figuring it out on your own and are not getting the results you want. 

And you’re feeling “too busy” for personal development. 

Give me one day and I’ll give you hope and a road map. 

And share how leaders just like you have revolutionized the way they work with their teams for improved financial performance.

The best thing… you already have what it takes within, but your skills become complacent, with old habits winning and unenlightened training not moving the needle. 

Now is the time to reclaim your life and work.

Your peace of mind.  

Your place as the leader of a kick@ss team that’s the envy of others.

Now is the time to empower and let your team help you build and scale your business. 

Jen Bertsch leaning in as she speaks to a female client


Evolving your leadership skills is the single biggest opportunity for leaders who are willing to step up and serve their teams in this ever-changing society. Will you answer the call?

“I didn’t see another way. It truly was blindness. I didn’t have a conception of other people being able to do my tasks, until Jen challenged me to dream about an impossible/possible goal. I still did not believe that things would change due to the sheer amount of need and demands. My blindspot was my own limitation. I would try to increase my time and energy, but it was just not sustainable. I didn’t realize that I had been doing the work of 3-5 people! Today I run three different components in my career and have four different people working with me.”
Kris M.
Founder, Flourishing Leaders
“Through my coaching journey with Jen, I learned to take more risks, align my actions to my values, and ask for what I need. I am a better advocate for myself and more aware of how the choices that I make contribute to making me healthier, happier, and feeling more fulfilled. When I'm at my best, I can help others to be their best."
Christy L.
Associate CIO
University of Oregon
“Jen coached me to trust my own conclusions versus needing advice from people I was comparing myself to…..I realized I need to care more about my team's success more then my own. My leadership grew much stronger over time. And business grew +30% and my income doubled!”
Jack G.
Entrepreneur & Wealth Strategist

Who is this bundle for?


Leaders whose success depends on your team’s productivity. You’ll learn how to have a greater impact on your people and the ripple effect will be successful financial performance.


CEOs with cultural baggage. Recognize how neglecting your culture has affected productivity. Master empowering your team leaders and get back the time needed to increase profits. 


Advanced entrepreneurs that notice your limitations when it comes to developing your team. Build a culture that invests your employees in the company’s success while scaling your business.


Unleash your team’s best potential, save thousands of dollars, time and energy as you grow your bottom line.

WORKSHOP PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. We will not be able to process any refunds on this workshop.
By purchasing, you understand there are no refunds.