How Can a VIP Day Help You?

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Would it surprise you to know that I have a coach? 

I believe in walking the talk. And I unequivocally believe that a person can get to their best, faster, with a coach.

I’ve been with working with one ever since I met my first coach back in 2003. But it wasn’t until recently that I elected to personally add a VIP day with my coach to my mix. 

It was a complete game-changer.

During my strategy day, my coach helped me come up with an intentional plan for my #1 struggle…saying yes to too many things. Together, we concocted a well-thought-out strategy that I put in place in January 2018. It gave me peace to know which demands to say yes to and which to let go. 

I worked the plan, and the ROI has been incredible: a 33% revenue increase in 2018. With 2019 topping that.

Here’s the reason for this post. At Moxy I have offered VIP days since 2015. 

I knew they have been an important investment for select clients.

But I didn’t realize just how powerful they could be. 

Coaching does that a lot. 

It surprises you. 

It spurs us into new action that we’ve been debating about in our minds. 

If you are motivated to reach your goals and ready to do the work, consider a VIP Day. 

Wondering what we’d do together in a VIP day? 

VIP days take place in-person or as a virtual session and are either a half or full day. The day is dedicated to your priorities. 

Just you and me. 

Brainstorming strategies and making plans, talking about things like…

  1. Abundance: Getting your year off to a fast start, financially, and keeping it going.
  2. Affirmation: Acknowledging what worked the past year and celebrating it.
  3. Strategy: Planning your very strongest year.
  4. Clarity: Identifying your 4-8 major initiatives for the year.
  5. Calm: Eliminating all the noise and laser focusing on your goals.
  6. Energy: Creating a calendar cadence for year that excites you. With time to recharge.

A VIP day can be the best gift you give yourself. 

Interested? Schedule a complimentary strategy session and let’s discuss your VIP day. 

Having a solid, well-brainstormed plan at the beginning of the year to reach your goals will increase your effectiveness this year and set you up for success. You deserve it! 

Are you in need of a you day? A VIP day to help you get unstuck? Personal development is the most important gift you can give yourself!

Do an exploration session with me. Let’s do it!

Or watch my free masterclass called, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There!

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