How to Motivate Your Team: Be A Coaching Leader

The truth is, nobody needs coaching.

When you are working with your team and you approach someone as though they need fixing or need coaching

…it will backfire.

Remember this great point, as the leader of the team, the skills that got you there are not the skills that will take your team where you want them to go.  

Most leaders get promoted and don’t get any leadership coaching.

When your team member is stuck, let me suggest that this isn’t the time to flash your opinion or awesome advice: “here is what you can do”. (Ok, unless the employee is about to walk off the proverbial cliff, then your wisdom may be called for.)

Instead help your employee get clear on their task-at-hand. The results will be powerful. Here is an example of how you can use coaching to do this.

And you deserve to have a powerful team!

A senior leader I worked with named Kade, was recently wrapping up his coaching session, he said, “Jen, I’m one hundred times clearer about what I want. And I know where to start”.

Who doesn’t want to have a breakthrough like this when you’re stuck?

He had new self-awareness and crystallized thinking. These are two common benefits of coaching done well.

Being a leader who uses coaching will not be a quick fix. You need to think of it more like you are building a sustainable foundation.

In short: ask, don’t tell.

And zip it, once you ask. Remember to listen.

As the leader of a team, the skills that got you there and not the skills that take your team where you want them to go. In order to empower, you have to ask and listen, not just tell. You will see a dramatic change!

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As a leader, do you think you have all the answers? What if you were to ask and listen instead of telling your employees?

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If this resonates, you will want to check out our online course Coaching Skills for Leaders. It will give you super practical tools and tips to begin implementing true coaching into your leadership right away.

Here is a great book too! Coaching for Leadership: Writings on Leadership from the World’s Greatest Coaches, is recommended for leaders who want to motivate teams. You will see connections more clearly of how coaching impacts leadership development and the examples are valuable for leaders.

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