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Leading Your Virtual Team (from home!)


+ The 2 Leadership Styles Engaging Leaders
Employ to Strengthen Their Team

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Wednesday, April 15, 9:00 am CT, 10:00 am ET5

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How You Lead Impacts How Your Team Responds.

When you join this 60-minute group session, you’ll get access to a cheatsheet you can use to navigate how to work with your virtual team. This session features our go-to breakdown chart where you will learn two of the six different EQ leadership styles taught in our leadership coaching program, LeadWell

By the end of this session, you’ll have a handful of sensible approaches you can put into practice as challenges in leading your virtual team come your way, like:

  • The best approach to use when you need to get quick results from your highly competent team.
  • The style that is so critical to help an employee improve performance and develop long-term strengths. 

Plus four MORE leadership styles you can use NOW. And focused coaching questions that will lead with more confidence. And a worksheet to document as you learn.