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LeadWell Transform Your Team. Start with You.

Grow your motivated, empowered team of rockstars
without bottlenecks, bossing, or burning out.

You’ve read the trendy books and taken leadership programs. You’ve spent big bucks on the big names.They gave you theory, but not the application.

And now you’re feeling more confused than ever trying to piece together all the concepts with YOUR team, on your own, with no help.

Hey Leader, we hear you!

LeadWell is a hands-on leadership program with three high-level courses, skill application and mentor coaching that will take your team from good to great.


...what it will feel like when you are more proactive than reactive, figured out how to help your team thrive, without exhausting yourself and you are planning ahead with ease every day.

You’re ready to develop your team, but you’ve got a lot of questions!

“How do I make time for this when I never seem to get caught up?”
“How do I really “empower” my team? I try and it doesn’t work well.”
“How do I get my team to follow through on the tasks I delegate?”
“How do I get them to think about solutions more when they keep bringing the issues to me?”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you are working to help humans perform at their best. If you aren’t being intentional, it can be easy to communicate the wrong message, get off track from your vision, and never make the kind of progress you want to make.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I created LeadWell, a winning combo that builds leadership habits that stick and help you develop your team.

LeadWell is like no other program
you’ve experienced before.

What's Included

Clients meet every Wednesday at 10:30am CT. During this virtual group session, you get coached, watch other leaders get coaching, practice using leadership skills in various scenarios. Discuss & implement strategies to lead your team to sustainable results that increase revenues.

This has been and continues to be the all-time favorite piece of the program.

Clients have the opportunity to get pre-recorded input from a LeadWell coach by submitting specific written work they’ve created to support their team- building efforts during their 10 months as a LeadWell client.

Get input on things like:

  • Difficult conversion plans
  • How to apply coaching in a meeting
  • Review of their practice plans
  • Onboarding and training plans
  • Succession planning documents

When you apply to work with Jen, we will send you a sneak peek of the LeadWell curriculum.

Courses include downloads, checklists, numerous tools, templates and videos all curated and tested by Jen and her clients over the past fourteen years. LeadWell clients have access to the all the courses throughout the ten month program.

Hit the ground running with a 1:1 onboarding call with one of our coaches to help get started on the right track. Also wrap up your LeadWell course with a 1:1 call at the end of your course.

Reaching important milestones in your development will help assure you are applying the leader-as-coach skills. They ensure you will see the difference in the results you get from yourself and your team.

Review results and build next step action plans during these 1:1 milestone calls with one of our LeadWell coaches.

Leadership development is about more than taking a class or two. Sharing insights with your fellow LeadWellers will open your eyes.

Realizing that you are not the only leader who struggles with those tough conversations is freeing.

Ask all the questions, receive feedback, share observations and so much more.  
This is THE space where leaders have the freedom to practice vulnerability and up level their personal leadership.

Join us in this unique space for leaders.

Measure the impact of your time at LeadWell through a professional tracking system measuring both financial impact and leadership skill assessments.

Overview of Course Curriculum

LeadWell Personal Mastery Curriculum

Personal Mastery

To lead others well, start with yourself.

Developing your personal leadership is a journey, not a destination. This course will help you to shave countless hours off of your work week, find more balance and ultimately help others grow.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Bring out the best in your team.

Get in on the top trend for leaders and learn coaching skills that will help you maximize your own potential and your team’s.

Integrating Coaching

Lead your team to new heights!

Practice is needed to make new skills become solid habits. Build the habit of developing your team with more ease by integrating coaching skills daily.

**Special Early Enrollment Options (Pay In Full Bonus: one 30 minute 1:1 session with Jen)

LeadWell will help you become an authentic leader with newfound vision and discipline.

Your life BEFORE LeadWell

Your life AFTER LeadWell

Integrate Coaching into daily conversations

And you’ll finally banish the issues that translate to lost time and money:

  • Employee disengagement
  • Over-dependence on you
  • Inability to solve problems
  • Lack of initiative
  • Low morale and productivity
  • High turnover

Imagine what it will feel like to lead with more ease, authenticity, newfound vision and discipline.

Everyone levels up!

Screen of LeadWell Lab meeting participants; leadership development program offers practice and mentoring opportunities!

Practice Makes Permanent

Every other week, you get the chance to employ what you learn through observation, practice, and firsthand experience.

The real-time LeadWell Lab is a unique opportunity to discuss and practice your leadership skills in a mentoring situation so you can improve on the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question many people wonder.
Your ability to lead yourself well is going to impact your ability to lead others well. If you recognize that and if you are willing to learn and grow, then you have enough experience.

Each bi-weekly Lab (group call) will be recorded and will be shared.
You’ll have the opportunity to connect    and get input on your team development weekly through submitting questions. 
The important thing is that you carve out time to do your development work and stay connected through the community. 

LeadWell meets in a virtual space. We use Zoom video conferencing to gather.

Our primary audiences are business owners, CEOs, or senior leaders who are responsible for the team and their development. If that is you, then this is an opportunity you should consider. 

Leadership development in the form of leader-as-coach training is a top trend in coaching. It gives leaders a great foundation for communication that is highly engaging and empowering, which are two key factors in growing organizations. 

Our participants are typically focused on increasing their ability to work ON the business instead of always IN the business, while growing revenues.