Marketing Coordinator Interview & Assignment


Congrats! We loved your application and are interested in learning more about you and seeing you in action. Please read through the assignment fully before getting started. Here are your next steps:

First up, book your interview time slot for between June 21-25th.

You’ll be meeting with Jen, along with our creative diretor, Tamar.

This is a 30 minute informal chat (bring a cup of tea/coffee ☕️), and an opportunity for us both to assess each other’s working style, ask and answer questions, and explore whether we’re a great fit. (We’re very excited to meet you!)

Next, complete the short task below.

Every week, Jen and the coaching team host a group coaching call for our clients. The call is densely packed with leadership Q+A, on-the-spot mindset coaching, strategic business input, and of course, fun and encouragement, too! Part of the successful candidate’s role will be to take these call recordings, and strategically re-purpose them for use across our social media, email, and podcast channels.

STEP 1: We’ve provided you with a short snippet (below) from a recent coaching call video. Please review the content and identify 2-4 shareable “nuggets” you believe will resonate with our audience.

STEP 2: Using the resources provided below, along with your own creative genius, create 2-4 pieces of content that you would share on our social channels (eg. Instagram, Facebook, Email, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube etc…)

  • You must include at least one piece of content for Instagram (eg. a story, reel, feed post, carousel, IGTV, or guide)
  • You must include at least one “short form” and one “long form” piece of content
  • Each piece of content should include at least one visual, and one written element (eg. a video snippet + accompanying caption, or a blog post with image)

STEP 3: Collate and share the pieces of content you have created with us. (Submission instructions below)

It’s completely up to you how you present the content to us (eg. video presentation, powerpoint, PDF, Google Docs,  folder with screenshots etc) Please ensure you collate the content and submit as one link using the submission form/instructions below.

**There is no “right or wrong” here. You have limited knowledge about the company, our clients and programs. We are simply looking to get a flavor of your style, how you best work, and see how you would approach our content creation and online marketing.


Once you’ve completed the assignment, please submit

  1. A link to your content
  2. Any further details related to your submission (if applicable)
  3. Your PayPal details*


using this submission form by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 20th, 2021

*On completion, we will send you $50 in recognition of your time spent on the pre-interview assignment.


Our goal with all content is typically to either:

  • Invite participation / engagement with our content (eg. comment below, forward this to a friend who…, hit reply, etc) – great for building know, like, trust factor, and for identifying leads who love to engage with our content.
  • Invite to the next step / to stay in touch (eg. join our Facebook Community, sign up to our email list, download this freebie, register for this free webinar, etc) – great for generating leads and warming up our audience members
  • Invite folks to apply for the LeadWell program – this program is accessed by application only. We are open on evergreen enrollment, and you will have monthly targets in terms of number of applications submitted for the program.
  • Invite folks to purchase an entry-level offer (eg. enroll in 7 Days to Coaching Success, save your seat at our one-day workshop…) – our entry-level offers are designed to bring in qualified leads for LeadWell

To be clear, there are no wrong answers.

You have limited knowledge about the organization so we don’t expect you to know the nuances and have every word perfect. We simply want to see how you’d approach a project, and see your strengths and personality come through.

Deadline to Complete Assignment & Next Steps: Sunday, June 20, 2021 @ 11:59pm
Zoom Interviews: Wednesday and Thursday, June 23rd and 24th (book now if you haven’t already!)
Ideal Start Date: Monday, July 5th, 2021  @ 10am

💡Need help? Please contact us at [email protected] questions or accommodations relating to this task.