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STEP ONE: In 40 minutes, I’ll show you the secret ingredient we use to maximize your return as you build better collaboration with your team. 

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In this masterclass you will hear me mention booking a call. Use the button below and let’s talk about your leadership goals!

Jen Bertsch, Leadership Development Coach, LeadWell Academy
Jen Bertsch, Leadership Development Coach, LeadWell Academy

LeadWell Academy Imagine leadership as a gratifying experience, where you empower your team toward success, with ease.

Can you relate?

We understand these challenges and
offer a tailored, results-driven solution.

You’re constantly fighting fires and growth opportunities get sidelined.

Your team is over-reliant on direction and lacks problem-solving skills.

You get sucked into micromanagement and have no time for big picture projects.

Meet LeadWell Academy Where modern leadership meets real-world impact.
We equip you with the tools and strategies to turn
your knowledge into immediate, meaningful action.

Composite image showing several computer/device screens with course names as well as a sampling of downloadable tools.

in a nutshell... the Cliff Notes version of LeadWell:

The Purpose

Today's leaders wear multiple hats - coach, mentor, visionary, collaborator, mediator, and more. We bridge the knowledge-proficiency gap through consistent practice and reflection, shaping effective and impactful leaders.

The Process

We equip leaders with tools and guidance blending contemporary leadership theory with practical strategies.They apply this in real-world scenarios, emphasizing consistent practice alongside expert mentoring, fostering confidence, empathy, and impactful leadership.

The Payoff

Leaders boost confidence in decision-making, communication, team-building, and problem-solving, driving tangible results. We help clients achieve goals, build team trust, foster positive cultures, and achieve financial success.

Real Results

From small business owners like you!

"With a decade running my law firm, I faced focus and management challenges. LeadWell reshaped my leadership. No longer just a contributor, I’m building a collaborative culture. Together, we’ve optimized our systems, saving 260 hours yearly and boasting a 191% ROI from LeadWell. Small business owners seeking transformative growth: LeadWell is your catalyst."
Annika S. experienced a 191% ROI from LeadWell Academy.
Annika S.
"This worked wonders. It accelerated my learning. I grew my small company by 400% over the 4 years I’ve been in LeadWell; the support there made it possible to survive that growth and put a method to our management."
Dietrich W.
Chief Visionary & Coach
Health Services
"I realized slow and steady was the way to achieve the bigger goal. 100% of ACE’s success is attributable to LeadWell. ACE is twice our original company’s size. And $98,000 of revenue and company savings was a direct return on our investment of LeadWell, 10X return."
Steve Hamlin
Steve H.
Executive Director
A.C.E., Service Provider

Could you say with 100% confidence that you're leading at the peak level needed to achieve your goals?

At the end of the day, people seek wise leadership, not another boss. Imagine leading with ease, authenticity, and renewed vision.

Boost Your Skills A program curated for transformative success.

Grow Self-awareness, EQ & FOCUS

Start your journey with key lessons in Mastery of Personal Leadership on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, goal clarity, values, and vision. Free up space and energy for team growth while mastering strategies to stay focused on success, not setbacks.


Tired of struggling to bring out the best in your team? Unlock your team’s potential. Say goodbye to overwhelm. Take your leadership skills from good to great and experience the true joy of leading with ease with Mastery of Team Leadership.


In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, exceptional leaders understand that a vibrant organizational culture is key to sustained success. Discover the strategies top leaders use to drive innovation, collaboration, and growth with powerful Strategies for Empowered Culture.

What Results Can I Expect?

What Results
Can I Expect?

Jen Bertsch, Leadership Development Coach, LeadWell Academy, holding a computer screen showing course content
Composite image showing several computer/device screens with course names as well as a sampling of downloadable tools.

What's Included?

Guidance and growth as you address leadership challenges, develop your team and create a positive & productive work culture.

Apply Your Learning Real-Time

Weekly virtual group practice on Wednesdays at 10:30am CT. We'll strategize on issues that you face daily like how to boost employee motivation to how to feel more confident. Consistent attendees become better leaders at work and home.This client-fave gets you out of your comfort zone in a safe space while you participate, practice, watch and learn!

Personalized Face to Face Zoom Check-ins

Stay on track with three 1:1 coaching sessions during your five or ten month program. These sessions will help you get started on your growth with clarity; help you integrate what you're learning into your daily habits and celebrate your growth and the impact it's made in your organization and life.

Like Having your Coach on Speed Dial. But Better.

Monthly asynchronous coaching on WhatsApp! Strategize for real-life situations. Get ready, focused, and prepared to tackle challenges head-on. Benefit from input on difficult conversions, meeting effectiveness, onboarding and succession planning. Don't know WhatsApp? Don't worry! We'll show you. Elevate your game with timely coaching support!

Best Practices in Bite Sized Pieces: Curated Curriculum

The LeadWell curriculum represents 16 years of observation, study, and research, distilled into powerful modern leadership principles. Enjoy digestible, practical content that delivers desired results. You'll enjoy on-demand access to 40 videos, 55 downloadable tools, and quizzes to support learning retention. Learn more about our curriculum here.

You mean there's a tangible impact?

In the realm of leadership development, quantifiable results can be elusive. However, we believe in growth that not only brings transformative change but also delivers financial benefits. We use a Leadership Growth & ROI Assessment with a statistically valid tracking system to assess the impact of your growth and measure the ROI of your development journey. See a sample ROI case study here.

Like-Minded Private Leader Group

Leadership development is about more than taking a class or two. Sharing insights with your fellow LeadWellers will open your eyes and deepen your learning. Realizing that you are not the only leader who struggles with those tough conversations is freeing. Ask all the questions, share observations and more.

Office Hours

Get your questions answered, live with Jen. Each week after the group session Jen reserves 30 minutes for office hours for LeadWell clients.

Ready to achieve remarkable results?

If nothing changes, nothing changes. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our LeadWell program is a perfect fit for:

  • Leaders who are keen on developing themselves both at work and at home.
  • Those wanting to bridge the gap between leadership knowledge and real-world proficiency.
  • Individuals who value a combination of contemporary leadership theory and practical strategies.
  • Leaders looking to cultivate a thriving work culture and foster better team dynamics.
  • Leaders who want to elevate their skills in decision-making, communication, team-building, and problem-solving.
  • Individuals who appreciate consistent mentoring, practice, and reflection on their leadership journey.
  • Those who seek both transformative personal growth and tangible financial benefits from their leadership development.

We work with small business owners who have a team, C-Suite leaders, and senior leaders within organizations. 

  • Leaders looking for a quick fix without committing to a consistent learning journey.
  • Individuals not willing to step out of their comfort zones and engage in group practices.
  • Leaders who aren't ready to invest time in personal development, team dynamics, and organizational culture.
  • Anyone not interested in a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.
  • Those who aren't aiming for tangible results or ROI from their leadership journey.

Absolutely! We encourage multiple leaders from the same organization to enroll together in the LeadWell program. Having multiple participants from a single organization can amplify the learning experience, foster collaborative growth, and help in consistently implementing the culture within your team or department. Additionally, shared participation can result in more cohesive leadership approaches and a more unified vision for organizational success. If multiple enrollments are something you're considering, please reach out to discuss potential group rates for your team.

Not at all! Our LeadWell program is designed for leaders from various walks of life and different stages of their leadership journey. Whether you're a manager, supervisor, a co-owner, or a team leader, we cater to leaders across the spectrum. The core principle of our program is to empower those who are in positions to inspire and guide others, regardless of titles. Many participants have been so transformed by the program that they've introduced it to their superiors or even brought in the rest of their teams. Whether you're taking on a new level of leadership or have been leading for years, there's valuable growth waiting for you here.

First and foremost, seeking to improve oneself is a hallmark of great leaders. Being proactive about your leadership development showcases your dedication to not just personal growth, but to elevating the entire organization. Leaders, regardless of their experience, spend a significant portion of their time working with and guiding people. By opting to refine your leadership skills, you're signaling that you're keen to maximize the effectiveness of this essential aspect of your role. Pitching the LeadWell program to your boss is less about admitting shortcomings and more about expressing a desire to consistently enhance your capabilities and, by extension, benefit the entire company.

Absolutely! Leadership skills aren't just for those currently in leadership roles; they're invaluable assets for anyone aspiring to lead in the future. Starting your leadership journey now equips you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate challenges effectively once you step into a leadership position. Moreover, many of our clients have found that their proactive approach to leadership development played a significant role in securing them coveted promotions.

If you're looking for a flexible way to begin this journey, our self-study programs might be an excellent starting point for you. These programs are tailored to provide you with foundational leadership principles at your own pace, setting you on the right path for future success.

No worries! Every weekly Lab is recorded, and we ensure it's time-stamped notes to guide you through the important sections. Even if you can't attend live, you can still actively participate by submitting questions beforehand and watching the replay at a convenient time. The key to making the most of this program is dedicating time for your personal development and engaging with our supportive community, whether you attend live or catch up later.

At the heart of LeadWell, our philosophies are informed by best practices and contemporary trends in leadership development:

  1. Leader-as-Coach Approach: Adopted by top Fortune 500 organizations, this philosophy promotes leadership through coaching. By adopting a coach's approach, leaders benefit from a foundation of communication that is both engaging and empowering—crucial elements for expanding organizations.

  2. Strategic Leadership over Operational Engagement: We encourage our clients to focus more on working ON the business by empowering other leaders. This shifts their role from constantly being entrenched IN the business. This investment in developing other leaders translates to significant returns in terms of time, revenue, and overall growth.

  3. Emotional Intelligence: An integral part of effective leadership, we emphasize the cultivation and enhancement of emotional intelligence. By understanding and managing one's own emotions and those of others, leaders can foster better team dynamics, communication, and decision-making.

These core philosophies are designed to equip leaders with the skills, perspectives, and tools they need to lead confidently and effectively in today's dynamic business environment.

It's a common feeling among leaders: being so swamped that finding even an hour a day for personal growth feels daunting. But think about this— if you're feeling stretched thin, consider how your team might be feeling as they look to you for guidance.

Many clients who joined us were in the same boat: grappling with the "superhero syndrome," rushing between meetings, projects, and personal challenges. One of the core areas we address in our program is this very feeling of being constantly "too busy." We equip you with strategies to be more present, attentive, and effective in your leadership role.

If you're wrestling with where to carve out the time, it's perhaps a clear indicator that now is the ideal moment to invest in your leadership journey.

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