Vlog: Celebrate

Sharing some tips this month on the art of celebrating!
Ourselves, our team and others. 

Celebrating takes practice.

What if we celebrated as much, if not more, than we worried?

When you build the habit of celebrating, it cultivates motivation; it is fuel to keep pursuing your dreams. 

  • Tip 1 Build the habit.
  • Tip 2 No “buts”.
  • Tip 3 Give sincere & lavish appreciation.
  • Tip 4 Celebrate efforts and results.


Start today!
What are your wins? Write down 5 things that are going well.

Here are the time codes for this video-

  • 0:13 Jack’s story
  • 1:23 Celebrate what is working equally or more than what isn’t
  • 2:09 Work on celebrating with yourself
  • 2:29 Work on celebrating with others using the line “What I appreciate about you is_____ because____”
  • 2:55 The reason celebrating is important
  • 4:43 Tip 1- Build the habit of celebrating
  • 4:50 Tip 2- No “buts”
  • 5:22 Tip 3- Give sincere & lavish appreciation
  • 7:18 Tip 4- Celebrate efforts and results
  • 10:00 What can you celebrate? What are your wins? 5 Things that went great
  • 10:35 Jack’s story wrap up


Free gift! Reflection, Intention and Action

Here’s a ‘lil bonus to help you begin to celebrate. This tool will help you be successful with your SMART goals by reflecting and setting action steps to achieve them.


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