I am excited to have you participate in our LeadWell™ Referral Program.
It is a win-win-win.
You share the opportunity with your community, friends and colleagues. You receive a commission for each person you refer that enrolls into the program.
We offer a $500 referral commission for anyone you refer that enrolls in LeadWell™
There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer into the program!
How does the referral program work?
Share the LeadWell™ opportunity with your friends, followers, email subscribers, and anyone else that could benefit!

When people enroll, we ask them very clearly who referred them (we want to make sure that if you had anything to do with them hearing about us or making the decision to join, that you get that commission!). 

Here’s all you do.

1) Think about who do you know that…
  • has a team of people and would like to lead them better
  • is ready for a promotion and wants to improve their communication skills
  • works way too much and is ready to work less and lead easier
  • runs a department with a team and wants to kick some serious booty in 2021
  • got a promotion and wants to make an unforgettable impression
  • owns a company and wants to grow!
2) Invite them to apply to get access to our private training. The training is super powerful on it’s own, unpacks the LeadWell framework and shares all the details. 
Send them this link to apply and to get more information. You will get a better sense for who is a good fit by checking out that link too. There are customer testimonials and what’s included. You will want to see it for yourself.
It’s super easy to apply.
We ask for contact info + two quesitons. You will see the application on the page when you check it out. 

**Know this, you don’t have to “sell” anyone on the program.

What we want your help with is finding the people who are looking for development so we can help them! That is our passion. Making the connection and them inviting them to apply is all you do. 


Once they apply, we have a thorough process that explains everything through a private pre-recorded training.

This will help them decide if LeadWell is a good fit. The training is called Bottleneck to Breakthrough: How To Develop Your Team of Superstars and if I say so myself, is quite amazing…so they will walk away with some great value just by watching the training.

The more commissions we can share the happier we both are, so we make it a point to make sure and ask new clients very clearly who we can thank for sending them our way or if anyone helped them decide to join. Then we send you the referral bonus of $500.
We truly want to give commissions as much as humanly possible – because that means you’ll keep sending people our way!
We are very generous with commissions. It’s in our best interest to give you the referral credit so you keep happily referring more clients to us!
When will I receive my commission?
We will email you after a client enrolls and mentions you as a referrer. In that email, we will ask for your PayPal information so that we are prepared to send you the commission after a client has been in our program for 90 days and remains in good standing*.
*Remains in good standing means your referral has adhered to our contract as outlined, including on-time payments and payment plans.
Any other questions? You can use the chat function here on the page or email me directly.
Thank you for helping us spread the word!