Improve Your Culture & Build Trust Using Strengths

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How do you use StrengthsFinder with your team?

If this is your next question…check out the 2 minute video for details.

Do you ever forget that your team doesn’t think just like you?

Um..yeah, me too. This is one reason why we use the StrengthsFinder tool to help build self-awareness.

But…most leaders “do the team strengths” and then do nothing else with the StrengthsFinder tool.

Don’t let that be you!

In this train-the-leader 2 hour workshop, I teach you how to dive deep with your team to improve trust, build confidence & create capacity on the team.

Get instant access to my 8 strengths team worksheets, team matrix template/how-to-video (it’s like the holy grail for your team) and my two-hour training. 

Collage of thumbnail images of worksheets included in the Strengths Workshop Bundle

You may want to hire a pro to do a Strengths training with your team (budget 5K-15K) or YOU can learn to work with the StrengthsFinder tool yourself and build better culture with your team for only $497!

Finally! Get the inside track on how to use StrengthsFinder
with your team and become a mighty and collaborative team.

“Although individuals need not be well-rounded, teams should be.”

I’m going to show you…

Learn an easy, structured approach to help your team discover their strengths AND help you eliminate guesswork with team development.

Imagine the impact on your customers and your profit after you’ve taken steps to replace the “I’m right/you’re wrong” thinking that slows down progress with curiosity and appreciation for differences that bring ease to team collaboration.

Team development like this doesn’t happen without intention. I created this successful approach that’s worked wonders for many clients’ teams. We are opening up this typical client-only workshop and inviting you along!