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I had come to a point in life and business where something needed to change, but I couldn’t pinpoint what that was. I also needed to elevate my leadership. By working with Jen, I learned to see the bigger picture of my situation and understand where I was not operating at full potential and what was holding me back. Ultimately, making changes contributed to an initial 19% increase and then a 33% growth in business the next year. I’m a completely different leader today because of the LeadWell program.

Katelynn H. Senior Leader, Health & Wellness

Participating in LeadWell’s hot seat practice was SO cool – wow, I am amazed! What a fantastic program you have – it was a fun, quick and modern way to practice coaching – while providing HUGE value to both the learning coach and the participant. Brilliant!

Lori M. HR Manager

“Leading a sales team of six, very diverse, highly-driven, and achieving sales people was so much more difficult before I started implementing skills and using the tools I’ve received from LeadWell. I no longer dread the difficult conversation, and I am able to coach my team out of their habits or behaviors that may be holding them back. With the knowledge and techniques I’ve gained from LeadWell, I’ve been able to create a more productive team, personally and professionally, by focusing them on what really matters, and raising awareness about important facets of their life that affect their work, like their emotional intelligence and work-life balance. I’ve created a safe space for them, which has built trust in my leadership and the organization. They know I consider them the quarterback of their own team, and because I’m an empowering leader, we get more done, and we’re all happier doing it.”

Wendy Regional Vice President in a $1.7 billion software firm