The Difference of Leading vs Doing

You started your business and you nailed it. You are successful. In fact, you’re a superstar.
You are recognized by your peers for your top performance. 

Enter >> growth mode. 

Your organization expands and now you have “people” to manage.
A team who reports to you. 

You decide you’re going to be an inspiring and authentic leader. You have reason to be confident,  after your personal, stellar success.
You’ve learned about leading firsthand from past bosses. You’re sure you know what not to do from the not-so-hot bosses.

  • They didn’t give you much guidance.
  • They were micro-managers.
  • Even a little condescending. 

You know one thing for sure.
You will be a better leader than they were. (hell ya! go get’em, tiger!)

Managing the team starts out pretty well.

You find people you like and they like you. You plow ahead and grow profits. You dig in. Things are moving fast. Interviewing, hiring, oh yes! and you still have to do your work. 

These new people aren’t quite catching on like you did. So many personal issues getting in the way.

You think…
“why aren’t these people just doing their effing job??”
“Seems like they need hand-holding and these are adults!”
“Recognition? Nah..they should just know they are doing a good job. I shouldn’t have to tell them…all the time.”

A key player quits unexpectedly.

You were counting on them staying at least two years.
And things just got busier, which is good but bad too.
Now you’re short-staffed AND you have to figure out how to find a replacement but you have no time. ZOIKS!

You aspire to be that leader you’d love to work for, yet you know you are not showing up that way.
To heck with it, it might be easier to do it all by myself. 

But in order to grow beyond where you are, you need to grow. the. damn. team.

You get the picture. 🫵🏼

Three truths about leading others.

  1. What brought you success when you DID all the work, is not what will bring you success as a leader of others.

  2. Gaps in your personal leadership will be very obvious to others as you lead them. (And we all have gaps.)

  3. Developing your leadership skills is absolutely mandatory for sustainable growth. (esp. in 2022 and beyond!)

Leadership is a skill set, and like any skill set, it needs developing.
Leaders are not born!
It starts by gaining knowledge about modern leadership. 

Then practicing.
And getting honest and helpful feedback as you practice.
And practicing again.  
And again and again.

Great leadership is about long-term mastery not quick fixes.

Sure, you need business acumen and have to manage the systems and technical aspects of your business.
However, most leaders should be spending 75% of their time working with and developing their people.
How well you lead others will directly impact your bottom line. 💰

So, hey rockstar, yes, it’s true. You are awesome. 💪🏽
And it’s time to focus on your future self. 🔮
Not your past accomplishments. 🏆

You can’t go it alone any longer. Stop doing and start growing

Are you ready?
It’s time to level up.

Do an exploration session with me. Let’s do it!

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