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Be the company where they want to work.

Workshop #1: Why Good Leaders Don’t See Results In this exclusive workshop, you'll learn the biggest shifts that are impacting financial results for leaders in business right now:

Workshop #2: Establish YOUR ROI of Modern Leadership Habits In this actionable workshop, create your own modern leadership vision and determine the ROI of building that vision for your organization!

Bonus Workshop with Special Guest: Stop Bossing and Start Developing. The 6-Figure ROI Does leadership development really help? That’s what you want to know! Get ready to be blown away by this 6-Figure ROI in this small business. Smart owners are investing in leadership development for their team leaders and seeing big results.

Bonus Workshop with Special Guests: The Financial Impact of Good Ol’ Fashioned Appreciation Hear how two seasoned corporate leaders improved their appreciation approach to impact employee engagement and how financial performance followed suit.