Lead Your Team Without Overworking Overwhelm Uncertainty Indecision Micromanaging

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What Got You Here, Won't Get You There!

A Free Masterclass by Jen Bertsch

Is your team culture not aligning with your vision? Craving a thriving, self-sufficient team? Dive into our free training, crafted for leaders like you. Uncover a modern approach to refine your leadership so you can easily guide a motivated team that not only manages tasks autonomously but is eager to.

Get excited again, and keep your eyes on the big picture for your business. Watch the class and redefine the essence of impactful leadership.

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To foster a better team culture in today's demanding work environment, you need to prioritize honing your leadership skills over getting stuck in the minutiae.

In this masterclass, I’m going to show you…

Even hi-pos (high potential leaders, like you!) get pulled into micromanaging and doing things your team can and should handle. The best leaders empower rather than enable. 

I’ll show you how to change your perspective about leading and feel a million times better! This class is for you.

Hey, I'm Jen, the habit queen for strong teams!

For over 15 years, I’ve sharpened leadership skills in businesses, ushering entrepreneurs towards greater ease and productivity and guiding nurse practitioners to improve patient engagement. In 2015, I launched the renowned LeadWell Academy, redefining leadership for today’s trailblazers. Dive in — together, we’re revolutionizing leadership for thriving businesses.

"I was doing my best to learn on my own, but never had somebody coaching me or experienced this type of interactive practice. Be prepared to play full out because the growth is absolutely amazing. Improving my leadership habits resulted in growing my income by 90%!"
LeadWell Alum Shayna
Shayna F.
"This worked wonders. It accelerated my learning. I grew my small company by 400% over the 4 years I’ve been in LeadWell; the support there made it possible to survive that growth and put a method to our management."
Dietrich W.
Chief Visionary & Coach
Health Services
"Practicing coaching skills with a group of people that I don’t know has helped me to become more vulnerable in being able to go through the uncomfortable situation of learning something new. I was able to lead my team more confidently."
Jen Strickler
Jen H.
Senior VP
Brand experience
“I didn’t see another way. It truly was blindness. I didn’t have a conception of other people being able to do my tasks, until Jen challenged me to dream about an impossible/possible goal. I still did not believe that things would change due to the sheer amount of need and demands. My blindspot was my own limitation. I would try to increase my time and energy, but it was just not sustainable. I didn’t realize that I had been doing the work of 3-5 people! Today I run three different components in my career and have four different people working with me.”
Kris M.
Founder, Flourishing Leaders
"If you want to talk and talk but never really get anything accomplished, don’t join Jen’s program. When it comes to straight talk, Jen is a whiz. She is clear, concise, and incredibly insightful. Jen creates the space for you to be your best self, and then she fosters that into something more than you could have ever imagined. Ready to make a real change? Jen’s your gal."
Val G.
Customer Advocacy Lead
"The skills I’ve learned helped boost employee engagement from 83% to 88% and grow our assets from $45 million to $65 million in two years. We think we should just be good at leadership…but if we don't have the right mindset, nothing will change. In a time of unrelenting, wild changes, it’s smart to get support to help us adapt and lead ourselves and others to greater success."
Nicholas M.
Finance Industry
"I no longer dread the difficult conversation, and I am able to coach my team out of their habits that are holding them back. With the knowledge and techniques I’ve gained from LeadWell, I’ve created a more productive team, personally and professionally, by focusing them on what really matters, and raising awareness about important facets of their life that affect their work."
Wendy O.
Senior VP, Strategics
“Jen coached me to trust my own conclusions versus needing advice from people I was comparing myself to…..I realized I need to care more about my team's success more then my own. My leadership grew much stronger over time. And business grew +30% and my income doubled!”
Jack G.
Entrepreneur & Wealth Strategist
"Participating in LeadWell's hot seat practice was SO cool - wow, I am amazed! What a fantastic program you have - it was a fun, quick and modern way to practice leadership - while providing HUGE value to both the learning leader and the participant. Brilliant!"
Lori M.
Park Industries
"Executive Coaching is an art form, I know of no artist more skilled than Jen Bertsch. Her positive energy and outlook is highly contagious, and she “keeps it real” by helping her clients focus on what concrete actions they can take to positively affect game-changing outcomes. Life is short. If you want to think and do differently, Jen can help you to become the kind of leader you want to become."
Mark K.
DIRECTOR, IT Support Services
Duquesne University

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