Why We Love Personal Leadership (And You Should, Too!)

Want to lead others well? 

Start with yourself.

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is your ability to define a direction for your life and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity. 

Ideas and qualities are better caught than taught. Leaders are role models.

If you feel like your organizational skills are a mess, that will be reflected in your leadership. You may think people don’t notice, but they see it.

The single greatest cause of failure in leaders is the inability to build effective relationships at all levels. Maybe it’s your people skills that need work. Do you tend to skip the small talk? You want to get into action right now!

The Biggest Barrier to Personal Leadership

Too much on the plate. Many leaders know, deep inside, that they’ve said, “YES, I can do that!” a few too many times. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Leaders often become a bottleneck.

Personal Leadership is one of four modules participants work through in our Leadwell program, our growth-engine for leading yourself and others well. We explore the tolerations that keep you from performing your best.

Our unique approach is to coach leaders on their personal goals while learning how to use those same skills with their team. For you to believe in a new skill you must personally experience it or you will naturally go back to old habits.

Developing your personal leadership is a process that takes time; it’s more of a slow-cooker than a microwave. In Leadwell, we take time to pursue mastery of the qualities needed to create safe spaces and encourage growth in others. 

But I am too busy for this. 

If you feel like you don’t have time to lead others well, or to be a visionary leader, then you are the person who needs this most of all. Nobody is going to rescue you.

If you don’t believe you have time to grow your leadership, then you won’t. Take your time back. 

Do you want to lead others well? Start with YOU! Make yourself a priority and others will see your growth. Personal growth is the gateway to leading an all-star team!

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