Team Administrative Assistant

Position Overview

Exciting times! We are hiring an administrative assistant to help us stay on top of the details of running a hybrid business, client and prospective client follow up including confirming, researching, communicating with them, email management and helping us bring our purpose to life.

What do we do here? At LeadWell Academy, we make leading easier, effective and efficient. 

We help leaders in small and medium businesses develop a culture of empowered leaders with healthy habits and sustainable systems, where their people can thrive.

We’ve helped hundreds of leaders over the last fifteen years with an innovative mix of coaching, teaching and practice methods which challenge comfort zones and mindsets around out-dated and “just-do-what-I-do” leadership.

Our clients enjoy an evolving community of team leaders and apply brilliantly-simple principles that create engagement in their organizations.

Your work will help create a world where leading teams no longer relies on winging it, a do-it-all-myself attitude and burnout. 

Our goal is to:

  • Become the obvious choice for leader development and team training for people who meet us.
  • Enable 100% of our clients to see a stellar return on their investment of working with us.
  • Create a movement of empowered business owners and leaders who are masterful at developing and impacting the lives of their team at work and at home, in a positive way, creating a ripple effect felt around the world.

We need you to step into this support role and thrive on getting things done and following through. 

Our next team member is  attentive to details, prioritizes well (so when there are 10 tasks to do, but only time for 5, they can confidently move forward), computer savvy, a healthy communicator, knows their boundaries and is willing to learn as we go!

How can you help us grow to the next level?
We are ready to help more humans lead well and we need to rely on you to finish, start, button up and follow up with the details.
This will free up other team members to focus on connecting with our community, being more  intentional with outreach and help another employee move to a reduced schedule.

In short, we are growing. 

We need help serving our new and existing clients, communicating all they need to know to get them onboarded well and ready to do their deep work with us.

We want someone who’s excited to hit the ground running, highly organized, and passionate about supporting our team, our CEO and our LeadWell program.

Who You’ll Work With

This is a part-time role that reports directly to our CEO. You’ll work with the CEO and other team members as well as interface with some contractors from time to time. 

 We’re looking for someone who’s thoughtful, organized, thinks ahead, enjoys learning, can execute (aka get sh*t done) and is interested in a position where they will be part of the growth of our leadership program.  This is primarily a remote, work-from-home position with the possibility for occasional travel.

Our ideal candidate is already MN-based (but doesn’t have to be!) This is a part-time position – with growth potential. Many of our administrative assistants have grown into expanded roles. We are all about doing our jobs well and look for ways to grow! Please only apply if you are serious about being a committed team member. 

Duties & Expectations

You role will support our main program LeadWell, and includes supporting the CEO, helping with client details, prospective client engagement and may include helping with marketing execution. It will include assisting with the details of client retreats, training and VIP days when needed. 


  • Complete weekly client support admin tasks efficiently and on time
  • Attend/complete admin tasks during virtual client group sessions, weekly, on Wednesdays, from 10:30-12pm CT
  • Keep our inbox clear and facilitate communication that comes in
  • Communicate with clients assuring high customer service standards are being met
  • Assist with admin for our comprehensive client ROI program
  • Assist with email marketing 
    • Proofing emails for grammar, etc. 
    • Support set up of email campaigns
    • Knowledge of Convertkit is a plus (willingness to learn is a must)
  • Support team in analytics tracking and analyzing lead outreach 
  • Support team in creation of landing pages, funnels, webinars and marketing strategies
  • Help by recording new processes and keeping SOPs (standard operating procedures) organized 
  • Reviewing existing processes and SOPs and updating them when necessary
  • Make suggestions when asked
  • Assist in client service when required and fill in for vacations
  • Support the CEO in all marketing requests
  • Support follow up related to social media working under the CEO and marketing consultant


Our new team admin needs to have: 

  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn on the job. (*this can compensate for lack of experience)
  • High-level written/verbal communication skills to interface with team & clients from various industries
  • Skill in being organized, detail-oriented and refining systems for increased efficiency
  • Great comfort on a computer (experience with Convert Kit, ClickUp, Slack, WordPress and Thinkific is a plus-or similar platforms).
  • An ability to work well with an a-synchronous team and a desire and love of working remotely 
  • Problem-solving and proactive thinking to anticipate and identify problems that impact project progress/outcomes and suggest reasonable adjustments
  • Grit when human and tech challenges arise
  • A desire to learn from and own mistakes when they occur while moving forward with optimism 
  • A love to research, find resources and move tasks forward for their colleagues
  • Ability to thrive in a quick-moving environment, meet deadlines and consistently produce good work 
  • Appreciation for direct and constructive feedback
  • Dedicated, quiet home work space including dependable, high-speed internet
  • Computer 

Why This Job Is Awesome

You’ll be working with amazing people doing meaningful, fulfilling work. 

Each member of #TeamLeadWell has the opportunity (and are expected) to create a positive impact on our clients and wider community as well as each other, actively contributing to projects which could benefit thousands of people.

You’ll play a big role in continuing to build an ethical, sustainable, profitable business which practices what it preaches.

Our objective is not to simply make money but to make an impact.

The work we do is about empowering our clients, helping them find their best solutions, uncovering their potential and helping them find it in others. 

You’ll enjoy flexibility.

There will be deadlines to meet and meetings to attend (nothing “meh” because we love efficiency around here), but you’ll have autonomy to otherwise manage your schedule in order to get stuff done in a way that’s optimal for the business and you. As long as you remain communicative, accountable and follow through, we are good!

Our team typically operates on a 4-day workweek with no regular scheduled meetings, calls, or emails on Fridays or over the weekend (although flexibility will be required with this role to work for at least an hour on Friday or when there is a special launch event.) Flexible time off.

You’ll be well paid.

Our CEO believes in fair and competitive compensation for excellent work and shares the  success of the LeadWell program with the folks who help her achieve it.

We have a bonus program (as long as we have funds) which you’ll qualify for after working with us one year. 

You’ll get sweet perks.

Our CEO is a big advocate for personal development and ongoing learning. As a member of the LeadWell team you’ll have full access to the entire LeadWell product suite, along with additional programs we purchase on behalf of the company.
In your first 90-days, you will be expected to spend 2 hours a week on your own time to work through LeadWell curriculum.

Fun team meetings and training!

Additional Details & How to Apply

  • This is a part-time, employee role (10-15 hrs/week) with competitive pay (starting at $15/hour with room for growth with experience) with a flexible schedule and the potential to grow, for the right person.
  • To ensure we’re a great fit for each other, you’ll join the team on a 1 to 3-month contract basis as a trial run. Consider it our dating period. At the end of the trial we’ll meet and mutually decide whether and how to bring you on permanently. 


GREAT. Apply using the form below, or click here.

Deadline to Apply: November 18th, 2022

Interview Period: Through November 25th, 2022

Ideal Start Date: November 28th or before if schedules aligned. 

Got questions before you apply?

Contact [email protected] for assistance.