Accelerate Your Success Experience Breakthrough Results
with VIP Private Coaching

Your Success
Experience Breakthrough Results with VIP Private Coaching

VIP days are private, powerful, half or full-day sessions that provide a deep dive into your goals. You’ll also walk away with a comprehensive plan to reach them.

Clients who have done a VIP day have found them to be game-changers with measurable results. One client reported a 33% revenue increase the next business year as a result of a plan made during a VIP day.

VIP days are held in-person or virtually with Jen Bertsch and are completely dedicated to your priorities and agenda. Check out this blog post about Jen’s personal experience with a VIP day. 

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Jen Bertsch holding a MacBook and leaning against a hightop table.
"Before our VIP Day, ideas on business growth were merely thoughts rolling in my mind. What was once an abstract 'someday-maybe-goal' morphed into a tangible target. It’s as if we’ve taken a dream journey and mapped it out in detail. With this newfound clarity, we’re not just ready for the trip; we have a comprehensive step-by-step plan to reach our destination. The progress we achieved in mere hours was astounding, turning our rough outline into a 90-day action plan for our training courses. This initiative promises to influence our business for years to come!"
LeadWell Alum Shayna
Shayna F.
health and wellness
"I had come to a point in life and business where something needed to change, but I couldn’t pinpoint what that was. I also needed to elevate my leadership. By working with Jen, I learned to see the bigger picture of my situation and understand where I was not operating at full potential and what was holding me back. Ultimately, making changes contributed to an initial 19% increase and then a 33% growth in business the next year. I’m a completely different leader today because of the LeadWell program."
Katelynn H.
Senior Leader
Health & Wellness