Vlog: Priorities

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What’s a VIP Day and why should you consider one? 

  • It’s about taking time, away from your office, to become more productive in the long run! 
  • Conquering 1-2 major issues in a half or full day session
  • Discussing exactly what you want to discuss with expert support from a coach! 

Here’s Dietrich, one of many CEOs who has taken advantage of a VIP Day with me.

His goals? To streamline his company’s orientation and onboarding process  which was instrumental to supporting his growth goals. And grow, he has! Here’s what he said about his VIP day…“The result I came away with was much different than I thought it would be. Having my coach to talk to and get all these ideas out of my head and organized is extremely valuable. I could do one of these every month!”

If that sounds good to you, reach out! I have opened my summer calendar to book VIP days now. 

How Do You Know You Are Ready for Coaching and LeadWell?

Recently Shayna gave us some awesome insight about her growth and experience in LeadWell! If you’re on the fence about applying to work with us, take a look at what she has to say in our recent Instagram post, here. 

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Free gift! Align your priorities to your VALUES.

Here’s a ‘lil bonus to help you determine your personal values so you can align your priorities accordingly. The Values Sort tool is kind of like a card game so it’s fun AND revealing about what matters most to you.

What the Experts Say About Priorities…

In case you missed it, Deloitte released their 2021 global human capital trends report, which included five workforce strategies to watch. Guess what? Setting and focusing on the right priorities comes into play. With 2020 in the rear view mirror, businesses are trying to make  the shift from survive to thrive. COVID threw many companies into turmoil, but, organizations with a clear purpose and healthy culture were able to keep their north star.

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